polygon operative system

Polygon operative system ver. #1.1


This was the first Polygon OS visualisation from 2004 based on an idea of open access logistics and online Polygon office meeting room with common interface and early idea of remote control & desktop sharing. As a Polygon member you could log in, research Polygon data and make an interaction. It was made in Flash, and visually it is a citation of earlier versions of operating systems from time when they were carrying out a reduced set of operations and tasks (MAC OS 1984, Atari 1987, Apple Lisa, Apple IIGD, Amiga 3.5, XGS-32). This version of Polygon OS showing the first evolutionary phase of the organisation visualisation and idea of accessability and online live interaction. In following years the experimentation on the topic of collective organism in art practice, reasons and ways of architecture of collaboration and/or art production, went into conceptual direction since the Silocon Valley was far away from our dream situation. Today we using simple WP interface which is free and easy for administration, and other virtual tools for communication and collaboration purposes. Polygon meta research is still into an art organism architecture co-relations. New media and technology circumstances setting up new standards for experimenting with the idea of collaborative spaces and organisational formats. Team: B.Cvjeticanin – artistic concept and initiative, D.Gamulin – visual identity, I.Bazijanac – programming, Bruketa&Zinic – Polygon logo;
p.s. for testing an old version click the photo above!